Rooted in ebm, PAPST and mvl, today, ebm-papst with rich traditions is the worldwide specialist of customer-oriented ventilation solutions and customized products.

Headquarters in Germany

Milestones define the chapters of a company's history and mark its progress.Milestones define the chapters of a company's history and mark its progress.

ebm-papst developed from the three companies ebm, PAPST and mvl. It has established a phenomenal reputation in the motor and fan industry. The three companies combine their respective advantages to make their products pioneers in various fields.

We are global market leaders in manufacturing and supplying fans, motors & blowers. By providing optimum application and system solutions to manufacturers of IT & Telecom, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Air - conditioning, Drive Systems, Automotives, Rail Technology, Medical, Windmills, etc. ebm-papst is developed as a global market leader and has now been maintaining its outstanding position for many years.

Backed up by excellent engineering knowhow, supported by German R&D, ebm-papst has developed its core competence in Motor technology, Aerodynamics and Electronics, constantly setting new standards in motor and fans technology, thus exceeding the ever growing specialised customer expectations and requirements.

About 10,000 employees in Germany and around the world develop and produce motors and fans with passionate enthusiasm, striving to create perfect application solutions for an extremely wide variety of industries. What is distinctive about ebm-papst is that we not only mass-produce large product series in high quality, but also fulfil individual customer requests for professional applications. Those who know us know that we demand the best of ourselves in setting worldwide benchmarks in innovation and close relationships with customers. Day after day, we work to achieve exemplary performance and be the proverbial "one step ahead" of the competition by virtue of our technologies, our superior skills and knowledge in fans and, last but not the least, we invent the energy-saving EC technology and make ecology and economy meet and become one.